Social Justice

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Social Justice is a constitutive and inherent pillar of The Bahamas Natural Resources Foundation, responsible for advocating for economic, environmental, social justice and advising on appropriate lobbying and activism methods. This work intersects with all areas to identify issues and develop strategies for positive change. Undoubtedly, by promoting social justice, the Foundation can effectively advance its mission while staying true to its values.


Citizens can take these steps in advocacy for their sovereign rights of natural resources and cessation of exploitation of the environment:

01.  Educate Yourself

Research and learn about the issues related to natural resources and environmental exploitation in your area.

02. Raise Awareness

Share information and raise awareness among your community and networks
about the issues.

03.  Engage Local Representatives

Reach out to local representatives, such as government officials, community leaders, and advocacy groups.

04.  Organize and Mobilize

Organize and mobilize your community to take action and speak out about
the issue.

05.  Take Direct Action

Take direct action to stop exploitation of the environment.

06.  Be Informed and Stay Persistent

Stay informed about the issue and continue to educate others.

Claiming Our Rights: The Urgency for Citizens to Stand Against the Status Quo
and Protect Our Natural Resources

In many countries around the world, natural resources such as oil, gas, and
minerals are often owned by the state or large corporations, leaving the local
communities with little say in how those resources are used or managed. This
lack of control often leads to social and environmental injustices, as local
communities are left with the negative impacts of resource extraction without
reaping the benefits.